Monday, January 23, 2012

A Silly Weekend

We had such a marvelous weekend. Collin's Saturday class was canceled (due to the snow) so we had all day Saturday at home together, just the 3 of us. Then church on Sunday was fantastic, and we got to have more family time Sunday too. It was just awesome.

In the midst of all the awesome, I noticed a few silly things around our house.

a. A top heavy book shelf with books only on the shelves Nolan can't reach. It looks silly but it's the only way to go these days.
b. All the quilts/towels hung over Nolan's crib. If he's trying to sleep and catches even the slightest glimpse of us, it's over. It works, but it's silly.

PICTURE 2 and 3:
a. We were having friends over and I felt a real need for a centerpiece. It was too late (and too cold) to go get flowers, so we made a bouquet of snowflakes. It seemed like a good idea at the time. It turned out to be just plain ol' silly.

b. A blender by our bed? Well with Nolan's crib being in our front room, if Collin and I want to have a milkshake after the little sweetheart goes to bed, we have to blend it up behind closed doors, and other than the bathroom, we only have one option. So a blender by the bed it is! Silly.

A classic softball shirt that I'm sure somebody from my home town wore in the 70's. And to top it off, my middle school and high school mascot was the ELKS. AWESOME!!! And a little silly.

This little man is the silliest of all the silly things in our house. He's an absolute delight and full of so much spirit and love, and he has the best little sense of humor. He's so fun, so silly, and we love him so so much.

I hope your weekend was relaxing, fun, and a little silly too!

Happy Monday!