Monday, January 9, 2012

Is Just To Love

For Christmas Coll's sweet parents gave us a turn table. I got butterflies when I opened it and saw what it was. Sometimes I get so caught up in the ins and outs of every day life that I forget how much music means to me. In fact, there's a spot in my heart labeled "music" and nothing else in the whole world can fill that's purely reserved for music. And I like that. So the record player was such a dreamy gift. And what's even dreamier is that we live just down the street from the greatest little record store ever. So we took a walk yesterday and picked up some classics to play on our new record player. We couldn't wait to get it all home and fill our tiny little apartment with that crinkly, pure, original sound. And believe you me, our little turn table did not disappoint.

There's nothing better than hearing Nat King Cole's Nature Boy in my own house, from a record, with pops and cracks that sound like rain drops. Oh, and Nolan likes it too. Aretha Franklin has sung him to sleep for the past 3 nights. We're in love.

**My favorite rendition of 'Nature Boy' EVER can be found here.

Happy Monday!!

Thank you all for your kind words on my last post. Sometimes a girl needs to reboot, and having kind people like you in my life is such a joy and pleasure and one that I hope to 1. return and 2. never take for granted. Thank you. A million times.