Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Explain It To Me...

Why is it, that on the day that I publicly declare on my blog that I will give love from my heart to other people, that the pure concept of giving anything to anybody is incredibly difficult? Let me present to you, yesterday, in a timeline format:

7:00-10:00 life is normal, good, and includes breakfast, baths, and naps
10:30-11:00 Nolan wakes up from a nap and I start dressing him for an outside adventure
11:00 I text the bus to see where it's's 7 minutes away
11:03 we're frantically out the door, speed walking to the bus stop
11:07 we and the bus get to the bus stop at the exact same time, and there's room on the bus for us!
11:25 we arrive at our 11:30 appointment, early, and feeling good
11:30 the other half of our appointment was nowhere to be found, I call them
11:35 since they didn't answer the 1st time, I call them again
11:40 try to go inside the building we're supposed to meet have to have a code..I don't
11:45 call them again, no answer
11:50 try to focus on my blog about being kind, rather than focusing on how cold my baby must be
11:55 call them one more time, while searching for any building that looks like they'd let us in
12:00 still no answer, so we wander around The Salvation Army for ANOTHER 30 MINUTES
12:30 1 hour and 1 purchase later (14 shirts for $14 boo ya) they call
1:00 they're on their way
1:05 we do what we went for...preach the word of God, life is good again
2:00 Nol and I hop on a bus toward a new part of town for a social security number for Nol
2:30 we're called back, only to find out that my 2 forms of identification needed to be 3 forms
2:35 took Nolan out because he'd been in his stroller for 4 hours, only to find him soaking wet
2:40 took all of his clothes off (an entire bottle had spilled) he only wore a sweatshirt from then on
2:45 I'm feeling defeated as we get another bus and head towards Walmart
3:45 we make it to Walmart, buy wipes and other necessities
4:00 we finally head for home

The rest of the timeline is blurry but after we got home, I fed Nolan, put him in the bath, then he went #2 IN THE BATH. I thought about puking but there was no time for that. So I threw on an apron, took my naked baby out of the bath, scrubbed down the tub, put him back in, and watched him go #1 in the tub. It was awesome.

Then, I realized that I hadn't eaten since 9:00a.m. so I began thinking about dinner, knowing that Coll would be home soon, and hungry too. Then, Nolan and I stared out the window for 15 minutes until we saw Daddy walking up the street.

He made it to the front door, and handed me flowers. The best part? He didn't even know my day had been rough. I melted into his arms, he took us both in, gave us good squeezes, put Nolan to bed, and came to the kitchen (he only had to walk like 3 steps). Then we made breakfast for dinner (thanks for the idea, Mom). Nothing had ever tasted so good. We enjoyed a few good moments over pancakes and eggs, then real life kicked back in for Collin and he started in on some homework.

I wasn't quite ready for real life to kick back in yet, so I took the flowers he'd given me, some holiday candles from last year's post-Chirstmas sale, and some bath salts from my visiting teachers, then I decorated the tub, turned on an episode of Hoarders, and forgot about the day.

Next time I promise to be kind to others, I'm not going to publicly announce it. I think the whole world heard my idea and said, "We'll show you, Ashlee." :)

Actually everything could have been much worse.

We only had to watch 1 bus go by because there wasn't room for us. And considering how many buses we took, that's a miracle.

Everybody on the bus was always so sweet.

Even though she couldn't issue an SS # for Nolan, the woman that helped us was so nice

Though Nolan went a few hours without warm clothes, his stroller kept him nice and warm

I got to share the word of God with people!

My mom (as she always does) made everything better and helped talk me through dinner time and feeding my family

Collin showed up with flowers. Enough said.

Life is really good, and I know that. And I suppose, sometimes it just takes a crazy day to realize just how good the good days are. :)

I hope your Tuesday was less hectic than mine, and here's to a great Wednesday for all of us.

Happy Wednesday!