Monday, December 12, 2011

Happy Birthday to my Collin

Yesterday was my sweetheart's birthday, but being that I don't blog on Sunday, and I'm not organized enough to be ahead of schedule, I'm just getting to write about it this morning! This guy makes my life so much fun. He keeps me on my toes and keeps me grounded at the same time. And never, ever, does he cease to surprise me. Like the morning these pictures were taken. It was our first real Chicago snow, and we had a hankering for something from the bakery up the road, so he offered to go get a pastry or 2. In his shorts. Awesome!

Last night, after a fun day of birthday festivities (including: unwrapping warm winter gifts, going to church with Donny Osmond, watching football, having friends over for dinner, and having ice cream in bed) we knelt down to say our evening couple prayers. Collin was praying and he said something like,

"I'm grateful for this day we've had to have fun and remember when I was born"

and because neither of us remember when he was born, it gave me the giggles. We were able to compose ourselves and finish the prayer in a pretty reverent manner, but the fact that he still makes me laugh every day, and that he's fun, righteous, and a good man, are just a few reasons why (though I don't remember it) I'm glad he was born.

Happy Birthday yesterday, Lovey!


Merry Monday!!!