Monday, October 31, 2011


About 3 weeks ago my mother in law (otherwise known as Mamita) called and told me that she and my father in law (otherwise known as Papito) would like to fly me to Arizona for my mid-October birthday. I was soooo super excited. I booked my flight the next day, and decided not to tell my parents that Nolan and I were coming. The flight was trech (otherwise known as treacherous), but the rest of the trip was magical. Until the flight home. But let's focus on the middle part. My brother (otherwise known as Dub) picked me up from the airport and drove us straight to my hometown (otherwise known as Eagar). We went right to my aunt's house (otherwise known as Aunt Lena) and Nolan and I got in her big ol' honkin' van (otherwise known as the land barge). Then Dub went to my parents' house (they were expecting him) and distracted my mom (otherwise known as Mommy) while Aunt Lena put Nolan in a cardboard box on my mom's front porch. I stayed behind the land barge to film the whole thing and Aunt Lena went in my mom's house to tell her there was a package on the porch for her. My mother was completely unsuspecting and here's the video, in 2 parts, to prove it:

It's okay that I looked exactly like I had flown cross-country and then driven in a car for 4 hours without food, without going to the bathroom, and with a baby. :) It's also okay that my finger was in half of the shots.

Then my Aunt Lena called my dad (otherwise known as Daddy, or Bob, either is fine) and told him that my mom was super sick (this was partly true) and that he needed to come home immediately. He did so, and here is what happened next:

And yes, "You little poop in the ditch" is a phrase of the absolute most endearment in our family. I was touched.

It was so fun to surprise my parents. And a special thanks to Aunt Lena, Dub, Dub's awesome wife (otherwise known as Sarah) for letting him go to Eagar a lot, and of course to Mamita and Papito for making it happen.

Next up, Part 2 of my trip: Mesa.

Oh and Happy Halloween!

P.S. After having recently re-watched these videos, I am annoyed at my own baby-talk voice. It's okay if you're annoyed by it too. Poor Nolan!