Friday, September 9, 2011

Spoil Yourselves GIVEAWAY!!!!

To say thank you for reaching 200 followers, and in honor of over 200 posts, let's celebrate!

With a....


The giveaway winner will receive a 20-pack of personalized 'thank you' and 'thinking of you' notes, plus 5 bonus notes with a message of the winner's choice. That's 10 unique 'thank you' notes, and 10 unique 'thinking of you' notes, with 5 custom notes designed and inspired by you.

{Front ^}

{back ^}

{front ^}

{back ^}

I wanted this giveaway to be personal, and something hand-made by me, because really, I'm grateful for you! However, since it's hand-made, I realize that you could all probably make these on your own, but the beauty of a giveaway is that if you win, you don't have to! :) I hope you feel my sincere appreciation and I hope a hand-made, Spoiled Eggs giveaway, will help!

How to Enter/Win:

To enter leave a comment for each of the following things you do:

*add my button to your blog
*become a follower (or tell me that you already are one)
*facebook or tweet about the giveaway
*blog about the giveaway
*visit one of the blogs on the sidebar and leave them a comment
*send me a 'Success Story', 'Question', or a 'Happy Things' list (or say if you already have)
*send me your infertility blog link or button
*and as always, if you deal with infertility or have a connection (a child, are certified, etc.) with adoption, leave a comment saying so for an extra entry

What?! 8 ways to enter?! Get going! Because if you don't enter, you'll make me feel silly for giving away something homemade. :)

Giveaway closes on Wednesday, September 14th.

Happy, HAPPY Friday!