Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Happy Wednesday

{Blurry picture, say whaaa? Don't bother clicking on it, it doesn't get any clearer. You're welcome.}

Hi Spoiled Eggs buddies!

My most sincere apologies for being absent these last few days. I swore up and down I'd never, EVER be one of "those" moms that complains about late nights, no sleep, teething babies, and long days, because for the last 4 years I dreamed of those things! And so I won't complain about them, but I will tell you that they exist, and I'm in the middle of them, and some days blogging ends up at the bottom of the list, and holding, snuggling, and trying to stay in one piece stays near the top. :)

Thanks so much to all of you who so kindly entered the giveaway, as not to have my feelings hurt for giving away something homemade. Especially you, Shadow, because I love you! We won't even discuss how 90% of the giveaway enterers (spell check says enterers isn't a word, I say, whatever) are my relatives. Thanks guys. :)

Anyway, I'm back today while baby naps to say Happy Wednesday (p.s. I've typed 'happy thursday" like three times now because really, I am losing it and what day it is keeps slipping my mind), and to say that motherhood is the greatest gift in the entire world and I wish it upon each and every one of you!

Happy Wednesday.