Tuesday, August 16, 2011

My New Blog

Well everyone...I've debated doing this for quite some time now, and I finally feel like it's the right time to make a change in my life.

I've decided to write more personal, family oriented things on another blog and leave this one for the infertility stuff. I debated for a while because for me the family/personal stuff is a part of the infertility and vise-versa, but I think separating the 2 will be a good change for now.

So, if you care about my personal life visit us at


And if you just want to read about infertility..stay put! :)

What you'll find on the new blog:
Chicago adventures
food/restaurant reviews
daily life
too many photos of Nolan

What you'll find here at My Spoiled Eggs
my thoughts on infertility
guest bloggers' thoughts on infertility
book reviews
health tips

You're all more than welcome, and super invited to the ashleelovescollin.blogspot.com party! But stick around here too. This is kind of home to me.

Happy Tuesday!