Thursday, June 23, 2011


Okay, I FINALLY am getting to this. Sorry it took me so long! I'm not smart enough to send this to you in an HTML format, so I'm attaching my words, and a couple photos. Do with them whatever the heck you want. And GOOD LUCK with baby girl!!!! I'm seriously so stinking excited to see her!! And so excited for you guys. What a miracle!

So I recently became a Mormon Mommy Blogger. I've always been Mormon, I've always been a blogger (and by always I mean since 2007) but I haven't always been a mommy. In fact, I've only been a mommy for a couple of weeks. In May, after almost 4 years of feeling sorry for me and my infertile self, my sweet husband and I became parents to Nolan. We adopted him, which seems too inadequate of a word these days because you can adopt just about anything; a word, a highway, a pet, a star, etc. It feels more like an ongoing feeling, rather than a one-time event. Embracing, nurturing, snuggling, loving, kissing, changing, and growing is what we're doing in our house, and I am in heaven.

But back to the whole Mormon Mommy Blogger thing. I have some pretty stiff competition. Her, her, her, and her. And quite frankly these are all women whom I look up to and adore and so it's not really a competition, more of an admiration. But anywho, there is quite a stigma out there about MMBs. Especially after this article was written. And I just thought that, for what it's worth (and that's not much), I'd add my 2 cents to the whole shoot n' match.