Thursday, June 23, 2011

Adoption Chapter 4

It's been a long time since the last chapter so let's hope I remember all the details accurately! Let's see, where did we leave off? Oh yes, Coll and I went to Idaho, spent a ton of time with Kenz and her family, and had a blast!

It was time for us to go home, but we didn't go home empty handed. We left Idaho with Kenz on board, and headed back to Arizona. I remember chatting, listening to music, and stopping to eat way more than we should have on the way home. It was a great trip. When we got home we were so sick of eating fast food that we were all craving a salad. We grabbed a salad and settled in the for the night. The next 5 weeks were spent doing lots of different things together. We went to baseball games, went shopping, played endless amounts of Rock Band, Kenz met our family, and she even jumped on the trampoline-more than once! It was a ton of fun, and really good for us.

The week of my senior recital, and just a few weeks before Nolan was due, Kenz went home. It was way more emotional than I ever thought it would be, and we all cried. Before Kenz left she gave me a gorgeous bracelet and she had a matching one. I realized then and there that no matter where we went, no matter what we did, no matter how things ended up, I had made a friend for eternity and we were connected by stronger bonds than this earth.

It wasn't even a month later that we would be together again, and this time, Nolan would be there too.