Monday, June 13, 2011

It's Story Time

The day we left the hospital was a rough one for us. We had to say goodbye to a very sad Makenzie, we had to say hello to a very little sleep, and we were coming down from one of the biggest highs of our lives. Obiously, the day we left the hospital was also one of the very best days of our lives. We felt like a family, and there was a person in the car seat that had been in our car for so long. It was a dream come true, and life was amazing. Then, I walked into the kitchen and found this:

There was a sweet note from my husband about how I deserved a cookie for handling all the hard stuff the previous days. I totally didn't handle all the hard stuff alone, he absolutely helped, but the gesture and the card were so sweet. I was unpacking today (yep) and found the note and the cookie. I fell inlove with him a little more.

Speaking of falling in love....

need I say more?

Happy Monday.

And sorry I was gone so long...