Friday, February 4, 2011


{My parents' snow-dusted back yard.}

I've been missing this place a lot lately.

Each day, when I talk to my mom she talks about how cold it is and how they can't go anywhere because the roads are so snowy, and they can't leave the house because the pipes have already frozen once and if they freeze again they might burst, so they just have to stay home all day and stoke the fire.

That sounds heavenly to me. It's been cold here in Tempe, especially on my morning runs (that's right, 3 mornings in a row) but there's no snow, and 27 degrees isn't terrible. Sometimes I just want to go home, snuggle with C in front of the fire, and make bread with my mom while my dad works tirelessly to keep the house toasty warm.

Maybe for Spring Break?

Until then, I really am happy where I am. Especially when it's Friday.

Happy Friday!