Monday, January 31, 2011

Today I Am Grateful

Sometimes Monday rolls around and I'm so bummed that the weekend is over.
Other times Monday comes and I'm so grateful for a new week.
This morning, it's the latter.
I am loving a fresh start and a brisk morning.
I woke up earlier than usual this morning and had some time to just think.
I thought about our good friends.
We have so many good people in our lives.
I appreciate their friendship and putting up with my quirks.
I will forever be grateful for their sensitivity toward our infertility.
I am in awe of their kindness and support.
And I am grateful that each time one of our friends finds out they're expecting that they take such care and precaution to make sure we know that they're pregnant, and to do so tenderly and sensitively.
My heart aches and yearns for those of you who are struggling right now with pregnancy complications, infertility, or anything else.
I tell C all the time that I wish he and I were the only ones in the world that had to be infertile.
None of you deserve it.
I want everybody to be my pregnant friends.
This week, as inspired by my good friends, I am going to work on being a better friend myself.
To my homies at school, to the strangers on the street, to my brothers and sisters at church, to my family, and especially to this guy.

I want to be the kind of friend that others are to me, because I truly have the best friends.

Happy Monday.