Monday, September 13, 2010

Monday-Did You Know?

Did you know that my hubby hubs is a city boy and I'm a small town girl? It's true. His high school graduating class consisted of 847 students, and mine of 78. I always like to tell people that I was 16th in my class because I'm sure they assume I graduated from a class of 847, instead of 78 which makes me appear way smarter than I really am. Just one of the many perks of the small town. Another perk of being from a small town is that a high school football game is a community event and nearly everything in the area shuts down so nobody has to miss the game. And if it's an away game, the town just closes up sooner to account for travel time. It's dreamy. In fact, all 5 of us kids (technically that should say "all 5 of we kids" but an episode of Saved By The Bell ruined my desire to be grammatically correct in that one instance) played sports, some of us even did sports and music, and my parents never missed a game or a concert, and I can say the same for my grandparents, and on most occasions my aunts and uncles. An away game was anywhere from 30 minutes to 3 1/2 hours away, but that didn't deter them a bit! It doesn't hurt that we have this little slice of pink heaven to play in.

Things haven't changed a bit, just because we're no longer in high school. There's always somebody to support in sports and now I get to play the part of cheering spectator instead of athlete (I use that term loosely when describing myself). So this past week C and I ventured out to Florence to watch my quarterback of a cousin play an incredible football game.

In attendance were my 90 year old grandpa, my parents, 1 aunt and uncle from Kansas, 1 uncle from Vietnam, 6 aunts and uncles from AZ, yours truly, and 27 cousins. If somebody says football, we come runnin'. We played a heck of a game, and so did Florence. We ended up winning by 1 point with about 20 seconds left on the clock.

And as much fun as it was to yell and scream and to win, it was just as much fun to be with our family. As we hugged all our relatives, said goodbye, and started our drive home, I had to giggle when C told me about one volleyball game he played in high school when they got left by the bus driver and were stranded with no way to get home. I asked him why their fans didn't just take them home and he said because their game was too far away for anybody to go watch. I then asked just how far away this game was, because clearly it had to be farther than Vietnam. He said it was 45 minutes away. I giggled for 2 reasons. 1 because 45 minutes is a drop in the hat when it comes to my inherited will to travel any distance for a good game, and 2 because it brought into perspective just how crazy my family is!! But we love it. While sharing the bleachers and a bag of popcorn with my mama, I asked her if as a young mother she hoped her 4 little boys would play football. She said, of course, you always hope your boys will play football. And then I was grateful that I wasn't the only one. I'll love my babies no matter what, but this future mama wouldn't be heartbroken if her boys suited up for the varsity football team one day.

I'm curious, as an infertile woman, or maybe a mother of 5, or even as an unmarried not going to have kids til I'm 35 lady, what are your secret hopes and dreams for your future children? Football? Ballet? Rich and famous? Just happy, no matter what? (I like that one). I'd love to hear from you!