Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Delicious Run Around

The first year of our infertility was blamed on me being too skinny. Ohhhhhhhh those were the days! The days where I thought I was fat, but if I could weigh that much now I would feel like I'd died and gone to heaven! Yes....those were the days. I miss those days. In fact, I miss those days so much that I am going to dedicate my next few nuggets of wisdom to those who are currently too skinny to get pregnant. Here were some of my favorite ways to fatten up. And believe me, they worked, because now I'm too fat to get pregnant! Here goes...

Ashlee's Top 5 List Of Ways to Never Be Too Skinny To Get Pregnant:

5. Whole Milk. Seriously. Sooooo delicious.

4. Taco Bell. 1 soft taco. 1 regular taco. 1 side of nacho cheese please. mmmm

3. Oreos. Because your glass of whole milks just got that much better. Have at least 10 per sitting.

2. Homemade blueberry pie. I made 2 in one week once, because it is THAT good. Recipe found here.

1. Try to be deemed too skinny during Utah Peach season (late August) in Mesa, AZ. For it is with that deadly combo (peaches and Mesa) that comes a must have, more than once, possibly daily, morsel of ecstasy called the peach concrete, found at Nielson's Frozen Custard. No, I can no longer blame my infertility on being too skinny, so to battle the depression that comes from that fact, I dive into a frozen custard, and you should too. Oh, and get a burger while you're there. And the fries. Actually, eat there every night for a week to make sure you try everything.

And hopefully you'll get to share your meal with a cute little old couple just like we did. It makes the experience even better!