Wednesday, August 11, 2010

About What I Said

Remember when I said that this week I'd have guest bloggers tell their infertility stories and then this week just turned into more of me talking? Yeah...about that. I promise I have a week of guest blogging goodness coming up. And I promise that it will happen next week. Starting Monday. August 16th. And I promise it will be worth the wait. One might wonder why it didn't happen this week. And one might not wonder. But if one were to wonder, I could provide a reason. And that reason is because I spent this week with the hubs doing our adoption interviews, our home study, and celebrating our 3rd anniversary. We've been kind of busy. But busy won't stop me from delivering next week. I promise! In the meantime (I think I say 'in the meantime' too much) here are some photos of us leaving for our anniversary adventures to a water park. Yes I look like I haven't seen sun in centuries. Yes we're standing in front of a picture of Jesus. And no I didn't iron my swimming suit.