Friday, January 3, 2014

Why Not?

Tonight, after a really random and unplanned chain of fantastic events, I said to Collin, "why was today so perfect?" and he quickly responded, "why not?!". That really made me think…why not? Could I get pregnant some day? Why not? Should I paint Nolan's bedroom tomorrow, even though the rest of my house looks like a tornado went through? Why not?! Is eating snow that's been covered in copious amounts of sugary syrup a good idea? Why not?! Other events of today that were a direct result of the why not attitude: building a fire, making smores, eating too many pretzels while watching a show inside a fort, playing Super Mario Bros til I beat it….twice, having popcorn and italian cream soda for dinner, and last but certainly not least…teaching Nolan the art of Slap Jack. Hearing him scream "a face!" and then watching his pudgy, perfect little hand slap poor ol' Jack right in the kisser was one of the cutest things I've seen in his whole two years of life. So, why was today perfect? WHY NOT!!!