Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Read To Him: An Answer To Prayer

For several months, two major things have been worrying me about my Noly. First, he has a huge love for shows. In fact, it's often the first thing he asks for in the morning. And secondly, he wasn't talking as much, or as quickly as I felt he should be. Neither of these things are astronomical, and compared to everything this boy does so right, they were no big deals, but as a mom, I always have to have something to worry about, so too much tv, and not enough talking it was. Collin and I talked about it a lot and decided not to stress about it, but we also decided we needed to be proactive. We prayed. We asked for help to know how to help him learn and grow as he should. And one morning, as I was making Nol breakfast, a sweet voice whispered in my ear, "read to him while he eats", and that's what we've been doing ever since. I set a few books out on the dining table each night and these days when he wakes up, he runs downstairs, asks for food and books, and it just really feels like we're starting our day off right. It beats us fighting, or hearing "Oh Tro Tro, Oh Tro Tro" first thing in the morning, by a long shot! And our prayers have been answered time and time again, as each day he seems to wake up with a host of new words, and now (and be still my soul) he even sings whole songs. Some may say, he's just growing up and learning how to talk, but I know it was Heavenly Father hearing our prayers and answering them directly. And what a life it is, being able to hear from his own mouth the thoughts that are inside my little man's head! 

Some of our very favorites right now: