Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Chef Nolan

Nolan is such a boy! side note: One time, a couple weeks after our foreign exchange student, Nadja, came to live with us, I was having real trouble adjusting to another girl living in the house and was a little bit jealous of the attention she was receiving, and in an epic fight, the meanest thing I could think of was to yell at her "YOU'RE SUCH A GIRL!" She looked at me like I was stupid, and said, "of course I am". That was our only fight. So anyway, about this boy of mine...he's so hands-on, and if there's a tool involved in whatever it is I'm doing, he's right there by my side, tooling it up. And really, anything goes with this kid. If I'm putting on make up, he's all about the brushes and if I'm doing my hair, the blow dryer is his bff. another side note: I washed my hair Sunday morning before church and as I was drying it (and in a hurry, I might add) my blow dryer quit. It quit. Stopped working. We tried pushing the red reset button thingy. Nothing. We plugged it into a different outlet. Nada. It turned into a wet bun on top of the head kind of day. And the highlight of being me? I bet nobody suspected a thing because almost every single day of my life is a wet bun on top of the head kind of day.  And probably Nolan's favorite tools are in the kitchen. The kid's a maniac with a whisk, a wooden spoon aficianado, and you ought to see him with my stand mixer!! Anyway...the point of all of this is that Nolan's at an age now where he's not just in it for the looks, he's in it for the real deal and if we're cooking something up in the kitchen...WE'RE cooking something up in the kitchen. He's all hands on deck and he's becoming absolutely helpful. Today I was making us some rice cakes for brunch (2 dead birds right there..BAM!) and Nolan did most of the work, INCLUDING the dishes afterwards (which I will forever more let him think is the biggest privilege in the entire world and which he will continue to believe because, well...bubbles). So to sum this puppy up, Nolan pretty much made me breakfast this morning and then I gave him approximately one billion kisses.

For anyone who might be curious, rice cakes are something my mom made for us growing up, usually with left over rice from last night's dinner. The recipe (sort of, it's mostly just a do it til it looks right thing) is below:

3 cups of cooked rice
4 eggs
1 tsp salt
mix well (you're looking for a batter-like consistency, lean more towards the eggy side rather than the ricey side)
cook/bake them like pancakes

We serve them with butter and jelly on top.