Friday, January 4, 2013

Christmas 2012

Christmas this year, as you might imagine, was a little bitter sweet. With each sentimental gift in memory of my daddy came the painstaking memory of losing him just a few months ago. But seeing Christmas through the eyes of my beautiful 1 year old brought a magic that I'd never felt before. Santa was good to Nolan this year. He brought a race-car track and Nolan's very own guitar, and both were an instant hit. Seeing Nolan's innocent eyes light up at the notion that these toys were all his, was a tender moment I'll never forget. We got the best of each world as we started the morning opening presents as a family of 3, and were joined a little later by Collin's siblings and parents, and then as we gathered with Collin's cousins and grandpa, and later on that day as we got to drive the 4 hours to be with my mom, and then a few days after that when all my brothers but 1 joined us at my Mom's house for yet another Christmas celebration. Christmas means so much to me and sharing it with so much family was the best. I am so blessed.
Also, for Christmas this year, Nolan gave us the gift of learning how to climb out of his crib. Thanks, Buddy!