Saturday, November 3, 2012

Laughing at Infertility

Whenever I'm in awkward situations, or situations where I find myself feeling inadequate or out of place, my go-to is never being quaint and dignified and only speaking when spoken to, it's ALWAYS making terrible jokes about things that nobody else thinks is funny. Always.

And also, whenever somebody gives me a compliment, I don't know how to say "thank you", or "that's so kind", or even, "oh gosh that's so nice". All I know how to do is make a joke out of their compliment. It's bad, really really bad.

And the worst is when somebody talks about infertility, adoption or the 's' I literally can not handle any of those topics with any sort of tact unless I've been given ample notice that the subject might come up, and I've only ever been given ample notice like twice track record's not that good.

For instance, when anybody even slightly insinuates at all that I know anything ALWAYS say something like, "what? I don't even know what that is. Why do you think we adopted?" And my face is always red. Especially when my mom's there, and you guys, that's happened, MORE THAN ONCE! Gross.

Another example. When friends who know we adopted Nolan give me a compliment on him, like "he is so cute" or "look at that doll" or "that blonde hair is awesome" you'd think I'd be able to say "thanks!" but instead I say something stupid like, "ya...we have to buy em' to get em' that cute cuz you know we'd never make one that cute". YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!! I'VE SAID THAT BEFORE! I have!! Those words have spewed out of my mouth like the man I saw throw up on the side walk this morning (seriously I did see it. It was bad.) And my friends always look at me with this face that says, I don't know if I should laugh, feel sorry for you because you're bringing up infertility, or be raging mad at you because you just referred to adoption a child as "buying a kid". And that's usually when I leave.

So here's the thing, I have to know, do other people do it too? Because I need to know just how bad and abnormal I should feel about this. Do you joke about infertility, too? Or is it just me? Because if it was just me then all of these issues I suspect I have might actually be REAL issues that I have to deal with and that would stink.

So tell me. How do you deal with your infertility? Are you an awkward, inappropriate joker, like me? Please say 'yes'. Or do you deal in some other way? I really want to know, because if nobody else is a joker, I need ideas of other ways to deal.

Guys? Tell me! How do you deal?

P.S. Don't forget that tomorrow's Daylight Savings time. You're welcome.