Monday, November 26, 2012


With an entire novel's worth of events, emotions, and craziness, these past few weeks have made for some pretty memorable times! We had the most wonderful Thanksgiving with good friends, delicious food, and (what I would have to say is probably the best part of all) a big fat break from school. We made it through our first Thanksgiving without my dad, and 3 days later we made it through my Dad's birthday. Thanksgiving was tough, his birthday was extra tough but thanks to modern technology we were able to FaceTime with my family as they let balloons go in celebration of my daddy's 69th birthday, and it really felt like we were all together which helped so much. To quote my brother,

"He's easily the coolest 69 year old in all of heaven".

Our days have been spent playing Hide and Go Seek, building forts, eating lots of graham crackers and raisins, and watching a healthy amount of 90's TV that I wasn't allowed to watch growing up. All in all, life right now is really good. The hard days of missing my daddy and seeing Collin stretched so thin trying to tackle each assignment with 100% effort, have been made into really good days by remembering that families can be together forever, and that grad school doesn't last forever.

And at the end of each day, I think about my little family of 3, and I'm really, really happy we are a family, here in Chicago, doing this together. And actually, if you count Lamby (which we often do), we're sort of a family of 4.

Happy Monday everyone!

Photo by Amy Jo Royall.