Friday, April 13, 2012

A Scale From 1-10

Did anybody else feel like this entire week the superstition gods were smiling down and laughing while saying, "You think Friday the 13th is going to be bad? I'll show you, and make the entire week your worst nightmare"? It seemed like friends' tweets and status updates were unusually bummer-ish, and my whole week saw an adequate amount of good times, but had a larger than usual showing of lame-ness too. And after a long week of extra hard things, I'd really like to chalk it up to Friday the 13th and be done with this week. But before totally checking this week off the list, I thought I'd share with you some of my moments this week, and where they fell for me on a scale of 1-10.

Girls Night-10
Nolan pooping in the tub 3 times-1
Shattering my iPhone screen-1
Nolan riding my guitar like a bull, one handed and all-10
Accidentally calling my parents at 3:30a.m.-1
Watching Nolan attack his first ice cream cone-10
A new determination to live healthier-10
Sobbing, literally SOBBING on Collin's shoulder after a long day-1 and 10
Getting Marcel's Book and All My Friends Are Still Dead in the mail-10
A new pair of shoes-10
Nolan attempting to walk-10
Feeling dumb and selfish for being such a baby all week-1
Beating my brother in Words with Friends-11
Being married to Collin-10
Missing my family so much-1

Turns out I'm either on or off, hot or cold, 1 or 10. That makes for some pretty dramatic days, especially paired with hormones, and sleep deprivation. But as frustrating as things have been this week, it was a good learning experience, especially figuring out more about myself. Here's to a great weekend, and a hope for some 5's, 6's, 7's, and 8's next week.

***I wouldn't be a good person if I didn't mention how outrageously patient my family has been with me this week. I'm such a blessed and lucky girl to be surrounded (near and far) by people who love me through my negative nancy phases.

{I don't even know what they're looking at here, but my goodness this is sweet}

Happy Friday!