Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Yo Yo Yo

Hi Friends!
I've been having trouble with my blog lately. In some browsers it looks normal, and in other browsers it is entirely messed up. (I really hope you use Firefox.) And because the blog is spazzin' out, it has made me not want to blog because it won't look the way I want it to look, which is silly because I have some great stuff to share. Like this for instance:

The most adorable (and delicious) tart EVER, made by friends at dinner the other night. YUM.

and this...

What? Your husband doesn't get in the crib with your baby to test out his crib-building skills and make sure it's strong enough to hold a full-grown man? Weird...

And lastly...this

That face? That bear outfit? That chub? Be still my soul!

I'm hoping to have this little corner of blog-land all fixed up, shiny, new, and ready to go within the next 48 hours...but then again, I hope to do a lot of things that don't get done. Sooooo....

Happy Wednesday!