Friday, January 13, 2012

Yesterday and Today

{bottom teeth}

{top teeth}

Yesterday I
cleaned the whole house
including 3 closets (woo hoo!)
scrubbed my bathroom
swept and mopped everything
did all the laundry
played with Nolan
had a dinner date with Collin (we had 2 grilled-cheeses and 1 bowl of soup, yum)

I feel really ready for the weekend now.
This weekend we plan on
staying in a lot because there is so much beautiful snow outside
having dinner with fun new friends
having brunch with our cute neighbors
going to church
making homemade bread and cinnamon rolls
watching Nolan's 2 top teeth continue to poke through (that's a total of 4)

Here's to a productive week and a happy weekend.
Stay safe and warm!
Happy Friday!