Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A Message To Me

This is such a fun time in our lives. Don't get me wrong, we are busy, we don't see Daddy nearly enough, and it is for theo most part way too cold outside to do anything adventurous, BUT we are happy and we have fun. We have good friends, we love where we live, we enjoy our church assignments and service opportunities, and we get to wake up each morning to little Nolan. And if you'd have told me exactly a year ago that in just a year's time we'd live in Chicago, and would have a baby, I'd probably have laughed and said, "wishful thinking". Because just one year ago, we were 6 days away from meeting the woman who would change our lives forever and we had NO idea. One year ago we were getting up every morning, going to work/school, coming home at night, looking at our spare bedroom dreaming it into a nursery, and thinking that it would be forever before we held a baby in our arms. Little did we know.  I'm trying to think, "what do I wish I could have told myself a year ago knowing what I know now", and I've come up with a few things:

1. Try to be patient, The Lord has big plans. 
2. If you can just make it through this week, you will be so blessed.
3. Do something crazy, spontaneous, and fun with Collin. 
4. Buy that baby outfit, go ahead, buy it.
5. Stop, take a breath, look around you, take a mental picture, and savor the little sweet moments.

And then I wonder, what would the January 31, 2013 version of me, tell myself about this week? Probably the exact same things. I've decided that each week deserves to be treated as though a big change is on its way, and really every week I should tell myself those same five things. So here's to a patient, blessed, spontaneous, baby-filled, memory making week. Because just like 1 year ago, you never know what 6 days can bring. 

Happy Tuesday!