Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Success Stories #2

I received some feedback on Success Stories, most of which was positive, but I heard from a few people that reading the success stories will be hard because they haven't had their success yet. Oh how I remember those days of not knowing if success would ever be ours. But I've decided that we need hope, especially when we're so unsure and down in the dumps. So the Success Stories will continue, but I think it's important to recognize frustration and sadness too, so I will hopefully be coming up with a forum shortly in which we can support each other, including those who haven't seen the end of their success story yet! In the mean time here's Success Story #2.

Joanna and her husband adopted their sweet daughter one year ago. Their adoption was international; their daughter is from China. She is so beautiful and when you visit Joanna's blog you will fall in love with sweet little M just as I did! Their success story is super unique and heart-warming. Their little girl has had many medical needs accompanied with lots of ups and downs, but in the end, their story is a success!

Please go read about their success story here, here, and here!

Thanks for sharing Joanna. You're all an inspiration!