Thursday, June 2, 2011

Past, Present, Future

I've been thinking a lot about you lately. That's right, you. My readers. My friends. And in so many cases the people who know how infertility actually feels. I feel the overwhelming need to be loyal to you because it really seems like we've been through so much together. So in a lot of ways it has been really hard to share my son with you. It feels a little bit like I'm rubbing it in your face, or bragging, or joining "the club" and leaving you all behind. It feels weird. But at the same time, this is truly been the best 12 days of my life, and friends share everything, right? Anyway, I haven't gone to the other side, I haven't forgotten what it feels like to be childless or infertile, and the truth is that I am still infertile and will deal with infertility my whole life. Please don't forget that. I'm still the same ol' infertile, sometimes bitter, sometimes optimistic, Ashlee. I just have a baby now. :) This blog will still be about infertility. But for me, my infertility includes my sweet, sweet son. So Infertility Spoiled Eggs will just cover a few more topics. I hope that's okay with all of you. You really are my favorite people in the whole wide world. Your e-mails and comments make me smile every time. I never want to hurt your feelings or gloat about something that I know is so sensitive.

Apology/explanation accepted? Please? :)

I've also been thinking about the 1st week and a half of baby Nolan's life and what the next week and a half holds for him. In his short little past he has been smothered with love from family in Idaho and in Utah. In the present, he is being smothered with love by family in his mommy's hometown, and in the future he will be smothered with love by family in his daddy's hometown. What an absolute miracle! We are so grateful for our Idaho/Utah family, our Eagar family, and are SOO excited to see our Mesa family!

To make up for all of the wordiness above, here are some photos of the aforementioned love smothering!

Happy Thursday!