Thursday, February 10, 2011

Infertility 101

In all of this infertility junk, I've read some pretty interesting things that have basically said "take everything you enjoy in life and throw it out the window and then you might get pregnant". Don't get me wrong, it is ABSOLUTELY worth it. But sometimes eating assparagus and eggplant on your pizza instead of peperoni and extra cheese is a real slap in the face. And the exercise? Oh sweet mercy. However, I have come across 2 glorious slices of goodness in all of this eating healthy and exercising a lot.

1. Find a friend to exercise with and your life will be pure bliss.

I have the. world's. best. running. partner. ever. ever. EVER.
She's doing me a huge service by running with me because she's like marathon material and I'm like go a mile and die material. So she runs several miles to my house, runs a couple miles with me, and then goes and runs several more miles by herself. She's a SAINT! And it is so much more fun running with somebody. I always thought that was a myth because really, why would I want somebody to watch me suffer? But it's not a myth. Running with a friend is the only way to go. Really.

2. The latest stuff I've been reading about diet says that when straight cows' milk is turned into skim, 1% or even 2% milk, that not only is the fat being taken out, but also a bunch of the nutrients, including sex hormones. And on top of that, in order for lower fat milk to look white, food coloring/dye is used, and that's not healthy for a woman and a man who are trying to conceive. So, whole milk, and sometimes even half and half (okay I totally added the half and half part but just go with it) is the way to go while trying to get pregnant. As soon as you are pregnant, go back to the other stuff though.

In effort to exercise and get my needed amount of delicious cream/milk, I went on a rather vigorous and completely freezing bike ride this morning, and then I rushed home and put my feet under my rice bag and made myself some fresh peaches and cream.

Now I have to go do the dishes so I won't have to eat my breakfast out of an over-sized mixing bowl with a serving spoon anymore.

Happy Thursday.
P.S. Check back soon for a giveaway and some exciting news. Well we think it's exciting anyway.