Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Tuesday Tells-Nuggets of Joy

On our way home from our Thanksgiving get away, as we approached our house, I said to C

"Something's wrong. Either our house caught on fire while we were gone or somebody broke in, I'm not sure which, but something's wrong."

We kind of laughed it off, or at least pretended to move on, but as we got closer to home my heart raced faster and faster.

I'm so grateful to say that nothing was stolen and that our house still stood, but I wasn't totally mistaken.

The shelves in our guest room had completely collapsed and this is what we found:

A big pile of our stuff, that still, 2 days later is sitting just as we found it. That's because it's my last week of school before finals and in the majority of my classes I either have a test this week and a final next week, or a concert this week and a final next week, meaning that this week is as rough as I'm assuming next week will be, and I am not planning on doing anything but school work. Wow talk about a run on sentence.

Anyway, things are nuts to say the least and stress levels are rising hourly. I started to pity myself today, but then too many good things happened and I decided to change my attitude instead.

So, ladies and gentleman (I'm assuming the only man who reads this blog is my husband) I vow to make it through the next 2 weeks taking special note of the good things in life instead of taking too much time to dwell on how crappy I sometimes think my life is, because really, my life is not crappy.

For example; we got home from Thanksgiving and went straight to C's parents' house to see them. They sent us home with a lovely pre-lit Christmas tree (a nugget of joy in and of itself) and we came home and immediately began assembling it. But some pieces were missing. So C built some new pieces. That made me happy.

And then today, as I was checking out of CVS with two giant bags worth of food, the cashier politely asked "are you walking?" to which I replied "no, I'm on a scooter" to which she replied "oh well then I'll double bag your groceries so they don't fall out". It warmed my heart.

In each day, there are so many little things that can bring great big joy.

Sure, school blows. Sure, infertility blows. Sure our guest room is a collapsed disaster. Sure, I'm stressed.

But life is good. People are good. And that's the stuff worth focusing on.

Happy Tuesday!