Friday, November 5, 2010

Monday-Did You Know?

Did you know that aside from being a mother, never attending school again, and wanting to be the best wife in the world, my greatest desire in life is to be on Broadway? It's true. I have a love for being on stage that gives me a feeling I don't find anywhere else. Last weekend I was honored to be in the chorus for A Midsummer Night's Dream featuring the Phoenix Symphony and Ballet Arizona. It brought back so many memories of dancing and being in musicals in high school. The smell of the stage, the pace and the atmosphere, the dedication of the performers, and the feisty nature of the director are all things I miss. It was nice to be back, even as a behind-the-scenes contributor. Here was my view most of the time;

It was absolutely magical, and an honor to work with such amazing professionals.

How was your weekend?
Happy Monday!