Monday, October 18, 2010

Monday-Did You Know?

Lately I've been really excited for Mondays. It's seemed as though my weekends are so busy and so frantic that by the time Monday rolls around I'm ready for a routine and I'm ready for a schedule. This Monday is no exception. The weekend was brilliant complete with family, friends, food, and fun, but Monday brings reality and structure, 2 things I'm in need of.

Last week I was surrounded by babies and news of babies. Some of it brought nothing but pure happiness, some of it brought a little pain. My dearest and truest friend had her baby on Saturday, and because I had a concert that night I was unable to be there. God bless Skype. Two more of my friends just found out they're expecting-one of my friends with her first, one of my friends with her second. To be honest my friend with her first makes me happy, and it's a little harder to be happy for my friend expecting her second. Shame on me-but it's true.

And on top of all of that baby goodness, I know what has to be at least 10 other women who have either recently given birth or who are expecting. It's beautiful, it's joyous, it's natural, it's a gift from heaven. And for me it's beautiful, joyous, and sad, and lonely, heart-aching, humbling, and confusing. But there are several things that I've decided as of late;

playing my guitar on my porch in the pouring rain makes everything seem better

at least 5 of the girls who are expecting babies have either just finished running 5k's, 10k's, 25 k's, or marathons. And not that running a marathon will fix my ovaries, but it's worth a shot right? I'm going to get in shape. I am. I want to look and feel like this again:

just because I can't conceive doesn't mean others shouldn't. Obvious, I know, but sometimes I forget. Besides, if others didn't conceive, then this little dolly would have never made it here on Saturday night, and that would just be a sin:

And lastly, Sunday will always come.

Happy Monday everyone. This week's going to rock. :)

P.S. Sorry for the grainy pictures. Uploading them did something funky.