Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Tuesday Tells-R and R

For Labor Day weekend, the hubs and I loaded up our car and headed to my hometown for some serious R and R. We started out going to my high school's big rivalry game. We totally won. Then we spent the weekend eating the age-old perfection that is my family's biscuits and gravy, playing in the woods, playing Mario Kart, catching up with cousins, and eating and sleeping to our hearts' content. It was heavenly. C worked on projects for his blog. And I forgot all about my blog. It was perfect. (No offense.) But my favorite part of the whole weekend was being with my parents when they celebrated their 40th anniversary.

there was cake
there was happiness
there were jokes
there was poetry
we played games
there was even a "happy anniversary" announcement made at the football game (my mom was mortified)

I find it incredible that no matter where I go and what I do, infertility always comes up.
And I find it miraculous that it never hurts my feelings when people ask about why we don't have kids. It just makes me a little more excited to be a mom some day. And I hope and pray to the high high heavens that I'm a mother like my mother. I mentioned to my parents this weekend that I love coming home because they have every issue of The Reader's Digest ever. And then this morning, my mom calls me and says "remind me of your new zip code, I just subscribed to The Reader's Digest for you". WHAT! This was all after I had already come home with loads of motherly loot. Observe...

Her freshly canned green beans, perfectly ripe corn on the cob straight from the garden, homemade grape jelly, some killer yard-sale finds (I think I still owe my mom $1 and my SIL $.50), and this little guy

I moved him outside to make a home in our rose bushes.

My point in all of this jabber is that we went home to celebrate my parents' marriage, and instead they entertained us and sent us home with treasures. That's parenthood. That's motherhood. Selflessness, charity, unconditional love, and The Reader's Digest. I hope I can give my daughter The Reader's Digest some day.