Monday, April 2, 2012

Conference Weekend

Despite none of us feeling well, we had a really, really fantastic weekend. We watched conference, did lots of playing inside, and just tried to take it easy. I love my 2 guys, and lazy weekends together. I hope your weekend was wonderful, too!

Happy Monday.

Oh, and thanks for watching the marathon vlog. It was fun. :)


Ginger said...

Oh Ash... I am so proud of you. You know I love you to pieces I hope!

I was looking at these adorable pictures of Nolan and all I could think was how much he looks like you and C more and more. I always love how adoptive children look like their adoptive parents. I'm always in awe at Heavenly Father for that because you just know even more that that child is meant for those parents. I just love the tender mercies of God, don't you?

Thanks for being you and for your sweet spirit and example. I love you and miss you!

Markee said...

check out those boots!! Conference rocks, hope you all are feeling better!!