Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A Few Lists

It's been a while. So to briefly catch up on things, I thought I'd give a couple condensed lists of things that have happened over the past few weeks that I'm happy with, and that I'm ashamed of. Here goes.

I'm Happy With:
following a random, spur of the moment prompting to fly to AZ for 2 weeks
Nolan, for learning how to walk
Collin for keeping the house so clean while we were away

I'm Ashamed Of:
watching The Bachelorette. I've never watched it until this season, and I'm hooked. How embarrassing.
not taking more pictures while in Arizona
not keeping up on this here web log

I'm Looking Forward To:
this summer and the plans we have
Friday beach days with just our little family of 3
Fathers Day

It's good to be back. If you didn't notice I was gone, just keep that to yourself. :)

Happy Tuesday!